Cornwall’s BooBoo formed in 2014 and have grown in the hearts of their audiences in venues in the Southwest ever since. The band consists of five magical musicians fusing together to create catchy beats, strong hooks and a wicked live show. Filled with passion and enjoyment, their performances are not to be missed. Available for weddings, corporate functions, musical musings and more; turning parties into events your guests will be talking about forever…


Fronted by Jess Hollis, a sensational professional singer with the best moves and the best dress sense around. You’re sure to want more and more of her vibrant and angelic tones.


Driven and kept together by the man at the back with the sticks, Mr Ralph Roberts. The time machine – Ralph is the magic behind BooBoo with his catchy beats and effortless fills – accompanied by his righthand man, Chris Johnson.


Chris – the music man with the voice of a Demigod – oh.. and he plays bass. Chris enhances the sound and makes it all sound beautiful and full, ensuring that they are aware of his absences when the bass stops and the bottom kind of drops out of everything.


BooBoo sports one excellent guitarist in the form of John Brook who is more than just your typical man. This is a man who wears his instrument with pride, who plays mind blowing guitar riffs and solos with no effort and has a wicked sense of humour!


And then there’s Larry Topa. A musical genius, a man with fingers that move so fast you won’t see them, the keyboard extroadinair and believer in all things possible, Mr Topa’s mesmerising sounds and effects will capture you full force.

BooBoo promise that every show comes with a ‘Good Time’ guarantee.